Foraging for mushrooms

Both Nicola and I love running the Wildfoods and Woodland Cooking course; it’s right up there with our favourites.  Anything that involves eating good food is fine by me.  But we’ve restricted ourselves to running theses courses in the spring.  We get asked regularly if we do any foraging for mushrooms and we always have to say no.  This is because neither of us has the same level of confidence to take people out foraging for mushrooms as we do foraging for plants, nuts, and berries etc.

We’ve wanted to run a course in the autumn because there are some great things out there to eat, but there would be an expectation that we would include mushrooms.  And we don’t think it would be fair to run a foraging course in the autumn without including fungi.  So, we’re going to get someone along who does know about mushrooms!

When we run our Wildfoods course next October, Geoff Dann will lead the session on foraging for fungus.  Geoff runs his own foraging company, ‘Geoff’s Fungi & Foraging’ and works as a freelance instructor.  He has many years experience and we’re delighted to have booked him for next year.

foraging for mushrooms

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