Cattle troughs and daft dogs 1

Yesterday Willow decided to jump in the cattle trough at the bottom of the field adjacent to our woodland camp.  Previously she’s always walked straight past it without so much as a second glance.  Maybe it was because the weather was a bit warmer, maybe it was just curiosity, who knows.  Unfortunately for her though it turned out to be deeper than she expected.  So she had to tread water because she couldn’t touch the bottom.  If a dog can look embarrassed, Willow managed it.  We helped her out, the embarrassment disappeared and she looked pretty pleased with herself.  I guess she’ll need to be on the lead when we walk past from now on.

Anyway, the photo is of a grubby looking dog.

cattle trough | Willow

Anyway, at least this time there was no mistaking her for a fox!

Plenty of photos of Willow, our woodland and the surrounding area on our Facebook page.

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