Cooking hogweed shoots

Recently I ran a 1:1 private day with a client and they forgot to bring a packed lunch.  Not to worry, we made a foraged lunch instead, using lots of hogweed shoots and some dandelion bhajis.  It was delicious!

So in this video you can see me cooking hogweed shoots in a cast iron pan over an open fire. 

It’s important to distinguish between common hogweed and giant hogweed, so take a look at this post.

Below is a photo of a hogweed shoot that’s just right for picking and cooking.

Cooking hogweed shoots | eating hogweed | foraging | wild foods | Kent | south east | London

Cooking hogweed shoots is just one of the many wonderful things we get up to on our 1 day foraging courses

You can see plenty of photos from these courses, as well as all of our others, on our Facebook page.

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