Camp Maintenance

Now that our season of scheduled courses has come to end, we’re starting to think about some of the camp maintenance jobs we’d like to get done.  In no particular order:

The yurt

We want to change the roof on the yurt.  It’s lasted 2 years and works ok, but it has started to sag and leaks in places.  So we want to take the tarpaulin off the roof  and increase the pitch by raising the centre about a foot or so.  Then we’ll put new rafters in place and put the tarps back.  Then we want to put feather edge boarding over the entire roof.  Hopefully the increased pitch and covering will stop any leaks.


We’ve got a whole stack of seasoned wood that needs to be cut and split  and then stacked inside the yurt all ready for when we start up again in March.


We’re planning on taking out the front bench in the kitchen area and replacing it.  At the moment the plan is to build a barbeque type structure so we can cook over flame or embers in the kitchen as well as having gas.  We want to then build a new bench and instead of having a wooden surface, use granite paving slabs.

Woodland maintenance

We want to make a good start on re-introducing a coppicing regime for the hazel.  Much of it is over stood and probably hasn’t been coppiced for 25 years.  So we’ll coppice half of each stem and then coppice the other half in a couple of years.  With a bit of luck we won’t shock the hazel too much and kill it.

If you’d like to help out with any of this, get in touch.  We can’t pay you but we provide meals and it is usually good fun.  This photo is from last winter when we built the new kitchen roof.
camp maintenance

If you want to see some photos of how the camp currently looks, you can look here or visit our Facebook page.

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