Bushcraft Club 2019

Now in it’s sixth year, we’ll be starting Bushcraft Club again in the first week of May.  This year we’re trying something a little different and have decided to run seperate sessions for families and adults, allowing us to cover more challenging subjects on the adults only sessions.

Bushcraft Club is based at our ancient woodland camp in Westwell, Kent.

Family Bushcraft Club

Family Bushcraft Club is intended for parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and their children; it will run for 8 weeks on a Tuesday evening from 6:30pm until 8:30pm starting on the 7th May until 25th June.  Cost is £12.50 per adult and £7.50 per child.

Adult Bushcraft Club

Adult Bushcraft Club is for over 16s only.  It will run for 8 weeks on a Thursday evening from 6:30pm until 8:30pm starting on the 9th May until 27th June.  Cost is £12.50 per person.*  Adult bushcraft club will be pitched at a higher level than family bushcraft club.

If you’d like to join, get in touch to book on.  We’ll need the first 2 weeks as a deposit, after that it’s pay as you go.

bushcraft club 2019 | Ashford | Canterbury | Kent



We will explore a wide range of bushcraft and survival skills and hope to cover:

  • Using and maintaining tools such as knives, axes and saws
  • Having plenty of practise creating a flame using matches, fire steels, fire pistons, wire wool & a battery, solar mirrors, flint & steel, chemicals
  • Lighting fires using materials found around us
  • Building shelters from natural and manmade materials
  • Finding, filtering and purifying water
  • Identifying trees & plants and understanding what they can be used for
  • Tracking and nature awareness
  • Carving implements such as butter knives, spatulas and spoons
  • Weaving bark
  • Making string from stinging nettles
  • Identifying, preparing and eating wild foods
  • Herbal remedies

*We’ve increased the cost this year after keeping it the same for the past 5 years.

About Gary

Lead Instructor at Jack Raven Bushcraft, teaching bushcraft, wilderness and survival skills to groups and individuals.

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