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Fire lays

In this post I want to take a look at ‘fire lays’, or put simply, different ways of setting up your fire.  And, much like lighting a fire, ask 10 people their preferred fire lay and you’ll get 11 answers.  I’m going to describe a few fire lays that I use on a regular basis. […]

Timber hitch

A hitch is a type of knot that stays done up because it’s under tension.  So release the tension and it comes undone again without spending ages struggling with it.  This is especially useful in combination with putting up a hammock.  The hitch itself was used in the past for extracting timber from the woods.  […]

timber hitch | bushcraft | knots | Kent | south east | London

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Easter sale 2019

To celebrate the arrival of spring we’re running a sale.  Grab yourself a bargain and join us in the woods on a craft course, foraging course or herbal remedies course. Use this code at checkout to get 25% off: EASTEROFFER2019

Fisherman’s knot

The fisherman’s knot is a fantastic yet simple way to tie 2 pieces of cord or rope together. It’s secure yet easy to undo again afterwards.  Here’s a short guide on how to tie it. Step 1 Tie a simple thumb knot in one piece of cord. Step 2 Slip the second piece of cord […]

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Bushcraft repair kit

No matter how well you maintain your kit, from time to time things break, and inevitably they break when you’re on a trip rather than at home.  So it makes sense to carry a few things with you that will allow you to make some basic repairs to your kit whilst you’re in the field. […]