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How to make a feather stick   Recently updated !

Feather sticks are a useful addition to your bushcraft skillset, especially when it’s difficult to find other sources of dry tinder.  In this video Bob ably demonstrates how to make a feather stick. There are a few variations to make a feather stick, check out this post to see some of them. We teach how […]

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Finding haws in the hedgerow   Recently updated !

We ran one of our 1 Day Foraging Courses at the weekend and found lots of haws in the hedgerow.  I’ve written previously about hawthorn in this post and I’ve also included its berries, haws, in this post on edible berries.  In this video I talk about eating the flowers in the spring and making […]

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Splitting wood with an axe

Take a look at this short video where I demonstrate splitting wood with an axe, firstly using a stump to split onto and secondly splitting a piece of wood on the ground.  This video can be viewed in conjunction with this post that describes various splitting techniques (written 5 years ago, where does the time […]

Foraging for giant puffballs

Foraging for giant puffballs (Calvatia Gigantea) is a straightforward endeavour, they can be found in meadows and fields during the late summer and are easy to recognise.  Last weekend on our 1 Day Foraging Course Nicola and I found some giant puffballs but they weren’t ready for picking.  So we went back yesterday to see […]

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