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Foraging for pignuts

Pignuts (Conopodium majus) are in the carrot family and can be found in woodlands (where I mostly find them) as well as sometimes in hedgerows and grassland. They have a small chestnut like tuber that is edible. Remember that in the UK you must have the landowner’s permission before you uproot any plant. Also think […]

foraging for pignuts | bushcraft | foraging | Kent | south east | London

Identifying trees by leaf shape

Bushcraft has a strong and tangible link to natural history.  For our hunter gatherer ancestors, the forest was the supermarket, the chemist, DIY shop, tailors, it was all out there. I often suggest to our customers that trees are a good place to start with natural history as it’s a managable number.  And that identifying […]

identifying trees by leaf shape | bushcraft | Kent | south east | London