Fungus as tinder

In this post I want to take a look at using fungus as tinder.  The ones that I discuss here, as best I can tell, can be found all year round, they don’t appear to be particularly seasonal.  When ignited they create an ember and not a flame, so you might want to take a […]

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Magpie Ink Cap

I took this photo of magpie ink cap on Wednesday during a walk around our woodland with Geoff Dann.  Geoff had come along to take a look around in preparation for next year’s Wildfoods & Woodland Cooking course in October.  So really just to check out that we would have enough mushrooms to show people and to […]

Fungus identification day

Nicola and I spent the day at Wildwood on a fungus identification course.  It’s a great place to visit and take the kids for a day and they also hold a large number of workshops and training sessions. This course was led by Steve Kirk; some of you might know him as the editor of The Bushcraft […]

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