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Making a pot hanger with one hand

This is the third article I wrote for The Bushcraft Journal about doing simple bushcraft tasks with my non-dominant hand and came out in August 2015.  If you haven’t subscribed to The Bushcraft Journal yet, why not! One handed pot hanger In my previous articles I’ve managed to light a fire and put up my […]

billy can

Pine resin glue 2

We don’t have many conifers at all in our ancient woodland in Kent.  But in September we visited the beautiful Isle of Arran, which has a significant amount of coniferous trees, including many species of pine and spruce, hemlock and larch.  It provides a fabulous opportunity to practice our bushcraft skills in a different environment. […]

pine resin candle

one handed fire lighting

One handed fire lighting 3

I originally wrote this article on one handed fire lighting  in January 2015 and it was published in Issue 2 of The Bushcraft Journal.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!  You can also look at a short video we made during our experiments. My mind is drifting as […]

Wild marjoram jelly 1

Wild marjoram (Origanum vulgare) is a fantastic British native herb and one we use regularly.  This is the first time we’ve made wild marjoram jelly, it’s simple and incredibly tasty so give it a go.  This recipe is largely based on the one in Roger Phillips’ ‘Wild Food.  A complete foragers guide’.  I can heartily […]

wild marjoram

2017 bushcraft course dates

2017 course dates now available

Usually we put up our course calendar in October but as we’ve had some enquiries asking when it will be ready, we’ve done it a little earlier this year. We’ve also added a new course, our 5 Day Survival Course. All now ready to be booked so come and join us for what promises to […]