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Stinging nettle cordage 4

Cordage is essential when you are spending any amount of time in the outdoors;  learning how to make your own cordage is therefore an important bushcraft skill.  Recently I wrote about preparing sweet chestnut and this time I’m going to show you how to prepare stinging nettles for cordage.  Nettles make excellent cordage, really strong […]

Stinging nettle cordage

Sweet Chestnut Bark Cordage 2

Cordage is extremely important in the outdoors and being able to make your own is a great bushcraft skill to possess.  Here I’m going to look at sweet chestnut cordage, made from the inner bark.  Spring and early summer seems to be the best time to harvest the materials for your sweet chestnut cordage.  Look […]

sweet chestnut cordage

carving at bushcraft club | Kent | south east

Bushcraft Club 2016 5

Jack Raven Bushcraft Club 2016 Now that the evenings are staying lighter it’s time to restart Bushcraft Club at our ancient woodland camp. Join us on Wednesday evenings and learn some great bushcraft and survival skills! Suitable for anyone with an inquisitive mind and a sense of adventure. When: Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm from […]

Finding water

With almost 75% of the surface of our planet covered in water, it is essential for life.  Our bodies are composed of an average of 60% water*.  We can go 3 days without water, although many critical body functions start to suffer much sooner than this (including the ability to think clearly), so it’s imperative to find […]

Gypsy well the next day

Polaris, The Plough & Cassiopeia

How to use stars to find north

Probably the simplest way to use the stars to find north is by finding Polaris, also known as the Pole Star or the North Star.  Polaris isn’t a particularly bright star but it has the distinct advantages of being over the north pole and not appearing to move in the night sky, 2 features that we […]