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Rosehip syrup   Recently updated !

Rosehips are the fruits found on roses, and they are ready at around this time of year.  They’re rich in Vitamin C and rosehip syrup is very tasty.  This photo is of people collecting rosehips on our autumn foraging course. You might want to take a look at this post on different edible fruits and […]

rosehip syrup | foraging | Kent | London | south east

Bluebells in full bloom

In some of our recent videos you can see the bluebells in the background.  And what a beautiful sight they make.  For me our native bluebells in full bloom in an ancient woodland is one of the great spectacles of the natural wolrld and an event to treasure. We were asked by Adrian, one of […]

Bluebells in full bloom | bushcraft camp | south east | Kent

Edible plants in the hedgerow

Edible plants in the hedgerow   Recently updated !

Here’s a video shot in mid-April of some edible plants in the hedgerow on the way to our ancient woodland camp.  Plants found include hogweed, primrose, ramsons, nettles, white dead nettle, herb Robert and a couple of others.  You might want to take a quick look at this video on hints & tips for foraging. […]