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How to make and use a tinder bundle

Whilst I’ve previously written about tinder bundles here, we decided to put together a short video showing how to make and use a tinder bundle showing some of the more important aspects such as construction, wind direction, posture and breathing.  In the video I’ve used the inner bark of sweet chestnut but I could have […]

collecting downy flower heads | bushcraft | Kent | south east | London | survival

Collecting downy flower heads

A few days ago I spent some time collecting downy flower heads for tinder.  At this time of year I tend to collect as much as I can so that I have plenty to see me through the year.  In this video you can see me collecting thistles, rosebay willowherb, clematis, ragwort and goat’s beard. […]

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Manmade tinders

For me bushcraft is an exploration of the natural world; it’s about understanding the trees, plants and wildlife around us.  When our hunter gatherer ancestors looked out into the forest they saw the supermarket, DIY shop and chemist all in one.  Everything they needed was out there, the trick was to know what to look […]