Deer sign 1

Nicola, Willow and I went for a walk around King’s Wood today.  The weather was great and the wood was almost entirely free of other people.  We spent a good 4 hours wandering around and saw a lots of sign.  We also got a really good view of a green woodpecker tapping away.  Spotted loads of deer […]

green huntsman spider | King's Wood | Kent

Green huntsman spider

Our Tracking & Nature Awareness course at the weekend was great fun.  On the Sunday we went to King’s Wood.  It’s between Canterbury and Ashford and is about 1,500 acres.  There is a wide variety of habitats within the wood, from sweet chestnut coppice, conifer plantation, beech wood to mixed broadleaf.  As you would expect, […]

View from the camp

As I was taking a few bits into the camp this morning getting ready for the birthday party, I took this snap of the view from the camp  It’s taken from just outside the gate and looking down the field and across the valley.  Not a soul in site or any sign of buildings, roads […]

View from the camp | bushcraft| south east | Kent

Badger cull

Badger Cull

As someone who is passionate about wildlife in general, and British wildlife in particular, I instinctively find the pilot badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire to be abhorrent. At the same time, if you’ve been on one of our bushcraft courses, you’ll know that the magnificent ancient woodland we use is part of a farm, […]

Ravens at Wildwood

These photos of ravens were taken at Wildwood on 14th August.  We were there with a stall at the Farmers Market organised by Godmersham Game.  It was a great venue and a great day out.  And to top it off, our stand was opposite the ravens.  During a quiet spell, I got talking to a […]

Carol Donaldson's blog

Carol Donaldson’s blog

Carol came on our Tracking and Nature Awareness course in April and wrote the article which was published in BBC Wildlife Magazine.  Her new blog is definitely worth a look. http://naturegirlblogdotcom.wordpress.com/