How to light a King Alfred's Cake | the whispering woods

The Whispering Wood 1

Another awesome article by Jules Bristow; this one was originally published in The Bushcraft Journal in 2016. While there is much debate over the precise meaning of the term bushcraft and its overlap with the term survival, to my mind bushcraft is the set of skills necessary to live comfortably and enjoyably in the wild […]

ticks and lymes disease

Ticks and Lyme Disease

This article was originally published in The Bushcraft Journal issue 8 in April 2016.  Thanks to its author Jules Bristow for allowing us to reprint it here.  Jules studied chemical ecology and is a keen amateur naturalist and bushcrafter who we are delighted to have as part of the Jack Raven Bushcraft team. What lurks […]

The bluebells are early

Whilst every year is different, this year it certainly feels as if spring is early.  We’ve had bluebells out now for a couple of weeks and I normally associate them with May Day.  Whilst the storms and accompanying floods were devastating for many people, winter was generally a mild affair and I wonder if this […]

Bluebells in spring

Birds in our ancient woodland camp

Birds in the camp

We put out fat balls and wildflower seeds in and around the camp to look after the local bird population.  Here are a selection of photos we’ve taken of some of the birds that we’ve seen.  None of them are rare, but it’s still a great joy to see and hear them when we’re out […]