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How to build a lean-to shelter 1

I’ve written previously about how to build a lean-to shelter in this post, but as a picture paints a thousand words we’ve put together this short video showing how to construct a shelter that will be robust, dry and doesn’t use any cordage in it’s construction. We spend time looking at debris shelters on our 1 […]

How to build a lean-to shelterebris shelter

Fault finding for bow drilling

A couple of months ago I posted a video in which I talked about the component parts of a bow drill set, including different approaches to bow drilling and a number of different materials that you could use for each of those component parts.  I followed that one up with a video showing how to make a bow […]

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Operating in line with PHE COVID-Secure Guidance

Guidance that allow us to operate Bushcraft is not listed by the UK Government as a business that is prohibited from operating (i.e. music festivals, venues, libraries, indoor gyms, soft play areas, water parks etc.). Furthermore, the UK Government has maintained that all businesses not prohibited should continue to operate wherever possible, but in line […]