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ticks and lymes disease

Ticks and Lyme Disease

This article was originally published in The Bushcraft Journal issue 8 in April 2016.  Thanks to its author Jules Bristow for allowing us to reprint it here.  Jules studied chemical ecology and is a keen amateur naturalist and bushcrafter who we are delighted to have as part of the Jack Raven Bushcraft team. What lurks […]

Manmade tinders

For me bushcraft is an exploration of the natural world; it’s about understanding the trees, plants and wildlife around us.  When our hunter gatherer ancestors looked out into the forest they saw the supermarket, DIY shop and chemist all in one.  Everything they needed was out there, the trick was to know what to look […]

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taut line hitch | tarps | hammocks | bushcrfat | Kent | London | south east

Taut line hitch

Previously I’ve written a post explaining how to tie the Evenk knot, which gives a fixed point at one end of your line.  This post shows you how to tie off the other end using a taut line hitch, ensuring that you have a good tight line to hang your tarp from.  Also take a […]

Other natural tinders 1

We’ve previously looked at inner barks, outer barks, downy flower heads and fungus as tinders.  In this post I want to take a look at other natural tinders that don’t neatly fit into any of those categories. Bracken Bracken (Pteridium) is found all over the world with the exception of Antarctica, although mostly on heaths […]

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Alexanders & potato scone melts | wild food | foraging | Kent | London | south east

Alexanders & potato scone melts

Another recipe using Alexanders after this one for an Alexander & wild chervil tart.  Although Nicola also made a dip using wild chervil to go with it.  Plus our first ramsons of the year!! Ingredients Small bunch of Alexanders (young shoots and lower leaves) 500g of potatoes 50g butter 100g of flour Chunks of cheddar […]