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Modifications to a Mora Knife Sheath 1

This simple modification to a Mora knife sheath (Companion HD) to prevent the knife from falling out was sent to me by one of our students, Dave, and is absolutely brilliant.  Thanks for sharing. “For the bottom tie I pushed an inverted “V” of thin copper electrical wire up the drainage hole until it was visible at […]

Mora Knife Sheath Modifications

woodland sunrise

Woodland Sunrise 1

I meant to put this photo on here last week. I took it at about 6:30 in the morning after lighting the brew fire, hence the smoke.  It’s a great time of day and as, in general, our students aren’t up, it gives me a little time to relax and get my thoughts together ready […]

More Craftwork from our 5 Day Bushcraft Experience March 2013

David, who attended our 5 day bushcraft experience in March 2013, sent these photos of his craftwork through to me.  They were started on the course and finished at home.  Below are a few tips David sent with the photos: “The bark swelled up and stained brown after soaking for 24 hours (i.e. probably too […]