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Methods of locomotion

Understanding the different methods of locomotion in mammals relies on an understanding of the evolution of mammals so I’m starting this post with a very brief overview of that. The lineage that lead to mammals diverged from reptiles about 325 million years ago.  This evolutionary line is referred to as synapsids.  It’s thought that the […]

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How to prune a tree so that it can heal afterwards

I’ve written previously about pruning cuts in this post but as we were gathering some hazel today I took the opportunity to make this short video.  As responsible bushcrafters it’s imperative that we do everything we can to conserve and preserve the environment that we all enjoy so much.  And that includes little things such […]

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Woodland management & camp maintenance 2023

As usual we will be carrying out some Woodland Management & Camp Maintenance over the winter, in December 2022 and again in January and February 2023.  In no particular order: We have ash dieback in the woods and whilst we felled around 120 ash trees last winter, there are some close to the camp area […]