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How to use a parabolic mirror

Parabolic mirrors are named after their shape, a parabola, which is a 2 dimensional curve, or in other words, bowl shaped.  Think of them in the same way as the satellite dish on the side of your house.  Wherever the radio waves (in the case of your satellite dish) hit, they are reflected back to […]

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How to make a tippy tap

How to make a tippy tap

As we’re preparing to start running courses again we’ve been putting some thought into hand washing.  A popular method is to use a tippy tap.  If you’re wondering how to make a tippy tap, it’s a straightforward idea – hang a water container on a pole between two tripods, tie a piece of string to […]

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Bushcraft Club 2020

Now in it’s 7th year, we’ll be starting Bushcraft Club on Tuesday 7th July at 6:30pm from our ancient woodland camp in Westwell, Kent, just a few miles from Ashford. After much thought we’ve decided that this year we will run Bushcraft Club for adults only; normally on Family Bushcraft Club we have more people […]

COVID-19 Infection Control Guidelines

Introduction The government wants to slowly reopen the country and the economy whilst protecting the health of the population. Furthermore, the government has acknowledged that ‘the risk of transmission outdoors is significantly lower’. Jack Raven Bushcraft is committed to working in a way that reduces the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) as much as possible and […]

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How to use a Fresnel lens

Fresnel lenses are named after the French physicist who invented them sometime around 1818 for use in lighthouses.  Today they are also used in car headlights and traffic lights.  The great thing about a Fresnel lens is that it is a series of concentric sections, greatly reducing the amount of material required.  I have one […]