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fermented ramsons

Fermented ramsons

Ramsons (Allium ursinum) are one of my absolute favourite spring time wild plants to eat as not only are they delicious but also incredibly versatile.  Recently Nicola made some fermented ramsons.  The fermentation helps to preserve the ramsons as well as developing a somewhat unique flavour! Ingredients 1 kg of ramson leaves, stems and buds […]

Ramson Soup

Ramsons (Allium ursinum) are one of our favourite springtime plants.  We’re fortunate to have a couple of very large patches of them growing in our ancient woodland.  The whole plant is edible, although we avoid the bulb as this involves digging the plant up and killing it.  My personal favourite part is the flower just […]

ramson soup

Ramson and feta fritters 2

These ramson and feta fritters are just great, really tasty and yet easy to make either in the woods or at home. Ingredients for the fritters   500g potatoes   2 medium eggs   20g plain flour   100g ramsons   160g feta cheese   Olive oil   Knob of butter   Salt & pepper […]