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Preparing nettles to make cordage

Cordage is everywhere in our normal lives to the extent that we take it for granted, but in a wilderness or survival situation it’s invaluable.  Being able to produce high quality cordage from natural materials is a great bushcraft skill to possess. I’ve written about preparing nettles to make cordage previously in this post but […]

Preparing nettles to make cordage | Stinging nettle cordage

nettle burgers | foraging | wild foods | Kent | south east | London

Nettle burgers

We’ve been clearing the freezer of the last of the foraged fruits we collected last year, by turning it into jams and jellies, when we found some nettles that we’d forgotten about.  We eat nettles a lot over the course of the year in many different ways, such as these puff pies. A couple of years ago […]

Nettle topped flat breads

We’ve been eating these regularly over the last few months and they’re still as great tasting as ever!  Nettles are incredibly nutritious so give them a try! Ingredients For the flat breads: 1/3 cup of flour per flat bread Seasoning Water For the topping: 2 red onions finely chopped 400g of prepared nettles Lemon juice […]

flat breads | foraging | Kent | south east | London