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Preparing nettles to make cordage

Cordage is everywhere in our normal lives to the extent that we take it for granted, but in a wilderness or survival situation it’s invaluable.  Being able to produce high quality cordage from natural materials is a great bushcraft skill to possess. I’ve written about preparing nettles to make cordage previously in this post but […]

Preparing nettles to make cordage | Stinging nettle cordage

How to make hawthorn tincture

It’s mid May and the hawthorn is resplendent in full bloom and the hedgerow is ablaze with their beautiful flowers. Right now both the flowers and leaves are edible and the flowers especially are very tasty. In this video Gary talks about hawthorn in general and how to make hawthorn tincture in particular.  Watch the […]

How to make hawthorn tincture | another 5 easily identifiable plants to forage | bushcraft | Kent

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The beauty of conifers

Twenty odd years ago I was working as a consultant and spent a lot of time driving to and from various sites, and as I was driving along I would often ponder on different subjects.  On one particualr drive I found myself musing on what made a conifer a conifer.  What’s the difference between conifers […]