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Shave Horses 2

Ross and I made some shave horses yesterday.  Almost finished, hopefully should get them done tomorrow. We’re making them in preparation for our ‘Blacksmithing, Bodging & Bushcraft’ course that we’ll be running for the first time in September.   Next up will be making the pole lathes.  Really excited about this course, it has the makings […]

Fire by friction

Fire by Friction Part 1 3

Lighting a fire by friction is perhaps the most iconic skill within bushcraft, almost a rite of passage and nobody ever forgets their first ember.  Which raises an important point, whilst we all talk about fire by friction, this method doesn’t produce a flame in and of itself – it produces an ember, which when added to […]

Elderflower Delight

  Nicola made this on Friday and by and large used a recipe from River Cottage Handbook No.7: Hedgerow.  It might seem a bit complicated but it was relatively straightforward and tastes fantastic.  So, the elderflowers are still out, give a go! Ingredients 20g of gelatine leaf 700g of granulated sugar 2 lemons, juiced 400ml […]

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UK Knife Law 6

As a responsible bushcrafter, it is important to be aware of current UK knife law and to make sure that you are in compliance with it. The guidance we provide here is given in good faith and to the best of our knowledge is correct, but we are not lawyers, so take the time to […]

BBC Wildlife Magazine   Recently updated !

We’re delighted about this fantastic article in BBC Wildlife Magazine.  Summer 2013, Volume 31 Number 8. The article was written by Carol Donaldson after she attended our ‘Tracking & Nature Awareness’ course in April 2013.  We all really enjoyed the course, a great group of people attended.  If you’d like to learn some of these […]

Jack raven Bushcraft in BBC Wildlife Magazine