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Find north with your watch 3

This is a straightforward way to find north with your watch.  In the UK it works best when we are on  Greenwich Mean Time (more or less from the end of March to the end of October).  When we’re on British Summer Time,  you need to make a slight adjustment and take off an hour. Oh, and […]

fungus identification | Steve Kirk

Fungus identification day

Nicola and I spent the day at Wildwood on a fungus identification course.  It’s a great place to visit and take the kids for a day and they also hold a large number of workshops and training sessions. This course was led by Steve Kirk; some of you might know him as the editor of The Bushcraft […]

Burdock and Potato Rostis

Burdock root is not easy to dig up where we are because of all the flint in the ground.  In fact it took 2 of us a good half hour to dig up the 2 roots required for this recipe and we were both worn out at the end of it.  So hopefully you will […]

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