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Knife safety 1

After previously writing about UK knife law and axe safety, I thought I should write a post on knife safety.  When I’m teaching knife safety I use 3 simple rules: Don’t stab yourself. Don’t stab anyone else. Don’t put yourself in a position where you can be stabbed. I should point out that where I […]

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Axe safety 3

Axe safety is paramount when we’re using an axe in the field, potentially far away from medical help. The axe is a fantastic tool and one that needs to be mastered if you’re serious about your bushcraft as being able to use an axe safely, effectively and efficiently will speed up many common bushcraft tasks […]

Storm damage – light

Nicola, Willow and I have been to the camp this afternoon to survey any storm damage, and fortunately we can report that there isn’t any of note.  On the way there we had to clear a goat willow from across the lane near the gate into the top field, I had my folding saw and […]

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Axe skills

As well as teaching our scheduled courses, we often undertake private group bookings and occasionally provide training on a 1:1 basis.  We’ve done 1:1 training a couple of times this year now, once in August when we taught the IOL Foundational Bushcraft course (which we wrote about here), and then again yesterday. Yesterday was a little different […]

Cross cutting 2

There are plenty of reasons why cross cutting a tree or large branch is needed.  What is important to remember is safety, you really don’t want to have an accident with an axe.  Ordinarily I carry the Gransfor Bruks small hunters axe and whilst this is perfectly sufficient to cross cut a tree or limb, […]

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Find north with your watch 3

This is a straightforward way to find north with your watch.  In the UK it works best when we are on  Greenwich Mean Time (more or less from the end of March to the end of October).  When we’re on British Summer Time,  you need to make a slight adjustment and take off an hour. Oh, and […]