Axes are fantastic tools and one that I believe is important for bushcrafters to master.  On our 2 Day Axe Workshop the first thing I do is to look at different kinds of axes and then describe to our students the different parts of an axe.  Mostly they’re named after body parts, even if the order […]

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On our last Carving course Miles, one of the participants, asked me if I could send a list of the various tools that we’d been using over the weekend.  Instead I thought I’d write a post covering some of the bushcraft tools we use on a regular basis. This first photo below shows the tools that I carry […]

Bronze age axe handle 1

I wrote a post a couple of months ago about a bronze axe head.  Ho Kyung brought it along to our Axe Workshop back in November.  Well it seems I was wrong, he didn’t forget it; his girlfriend Julie, also a friend of mine from tai chi, is an archaeologist and has asked if I’ll make […]

bronze age axe handle

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Bronze axe head 1

Last week we ran our Axe Workshop.  Ho Kyung came along and brought a reproduction bronze axe head.  Ho Kyung’s girlfriend, Julie, is an archaeologist and lent him the axe head on the strict understanding he look after it.  He promptly forgot it and left it at our woodland camp.  I have it in safe keeping […]

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We ran our axe course over the last weekend and had a great time.  The axe is a really versatile tool and makes many bushcraft tasks much quicker, but it needs to be treated with respect.  You can’t afford to make mistakes with an axe as the consequences can be nasty.  We place a lot […]

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The axe is a fantastic tool and one that needs to be mastered if you are serious about your bushcraft.  Consequently, I’ve written a couple of posts lately around using an axe, such as this one on cross cutting and this one on splitting a log.  So I thought I should probably put a few tips […]