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Blackthorn, sloes and sloe gin

A short video where I talk about blackthorn, sloes and sloe gin! How to make sloe gin Freeze 500g of sloes for a couple of hours before pouring into a jar Add 1 litre of vodka and 250g of sugar, put on the lid and put in a dark cupboard Shake daily until the sugar […]

sloe gin | fruit and berries | foraging | Kent | south east | London

using birch bark to light a fire | bushcraft | Kent | London | south east | fire steels

Using birch bark to light a fire

Lighting a fire with birch bark is something that I do regularly, generally in combination with a fire steel.  More often than not I’ll peel bark from a live tree, occassionally I’ll cut a strip from a dead one.  In this video I discuss these two approaches in more detail. We teach using birch bark […]