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This was originally published in Issue 7 of The Bushcraft Journal where I’ve been writing a series of articles on fire lighting.  It’s a fantastic magazine and well worth the price. I’m going to continue with last issue’s theme of methods of ignition.  When I teach fire lighting this is generally where I start off.  Seems […]

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ramson soup

Ramson Soup

Ramsons (Allium ursinum) are one of our favourite springtime plants.  We’re fortunate to have a couple of very large patches of them growing in our ancient woodland.  The whole plant is edible, although we avoid the bulb as this involves digging the plant up and killing it.  My personal favourite part is the flower just […]

what to look out for in a fire steel | fire steels

Fire steels

This post was originally an article that I wrote for The Bushcraft Journal last year as part of an ongoing series of articles covering bushcraft basics.  I’ve also written about fire steels previously and included a short video; look at them as being complementary. Fire steels, also known as ferro rods, fire flashes and sometimes […]