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Putting up a tarp and hammock one handed 1

This is a twelve minute video showing me putting up a tarp and hammock one handed.  Why?  This is the second article I’ve written for The Bushcraft Journal about taking on common bushcraft tasks with my left hand, partly because it helps me think about how I do things, partly to pass on my experiences and […]

tarp and hammock setup

Bushcraft Club is back for 2015!!! 2

Jack Raven Bushcraft Club 2015 We’ve got enough light in the evenings again to restart Bushcraft Club at our ancient woodland camp. Join us on Wednesday evenings and learn some great bushcraft and survival skills! Suitable for anyone with an inquisitive mind and a sense of adventure. When: Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm from 6th […]

Hemlock & Cow Parsley 24

Back in February I posted a recipe for cow parsley soup.  Cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris) is also known as ‘wild chervil’, and whilst I quite like  the slightly aniseed taste it gives, I know isn’t for everyone. But the important thing to be aware of with cow parsley is that it can be mistaken for […]

hemlock stem

shadow stick navigation

Shadow stick navigation 3

Being able to find your way is crucial for outdoor activities and bushcraft is no exception.  Whilst many mobile phones and devices have GPS capabilities, I still prefer an old fashioned map and compass.  But what if you lose or break your compass?  How then would you find your way.  There are many techniques you […]

New handle on a Zebra billy can 5

When I was first getting into bushcraft it was commonplace to see people with kit that they had made themselves.  One of the commonest items was a billy can made from a catering sized baked bean can with either some bent coat hanger or similar such wire as a handle.  They worked perfectly well and […]

New handle on a Zebra billy can

one handed fire lighting

One handed fire lighting 1

This video was made when a few of us got together back in February to work on one handed fire lighting techniques. It accompanies an article that I wrote for issue 2 of The Bushcraft Journal.  The idea for the article was to try out simple and commonplace bushcraft tasks feigning an injury to my right […]