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Sappers 1

Whilst I’m happy to share a camp fire with pretty much anyone, it’s been a real pleasure to have a few sappers, members of the Corps of Royal Engineers, on courses lately.  We’ve had an ex-sergeant on our Carving course; a serving full corporal on our Tracking & Nature Awareness course; and an ex-Captain on […]

Chargrilled Hogweed

Despite its name, hogweed is absolutely delicious.  Be careful on your identification as it can be confused with the non-native giant hogweed, and when it is young it could be confused with some of the other umbellifers such as hemlock. We harvest the leaves before they have unfurled and they have a silvery sheen to […]

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urtica aloo | foraging | Kent | south east | London

Urtica Aloo recipe

This is our take on sag aloo, the great Indian dish using potatoes and spinach.  Only here we substitute the spinach for nettles.  We only pick the top 2 pairs of leaves on a nettle as they are the tenderest.  It also seems to promote continued growth. Ingredients 500g new potatoes 300g of nettle tips […]

Wild and Weedy Curry 1

Nicola came up with this recipe for a wild and weedy curry.  We’ve used dead nettles, ground elder, ramsons and hogweed, but stinging nettles would work well.  It’s straight forward to make and tastes great! Ingredients 2 medium onions 2 cloves of garlic Butter Olive oil 100g desiccated coconut Finely grated fresh ginger 2 tsp of ground […]

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Mora Knife Sheath Modifications

Modifications to a Mora Knife Sheath 1

This simple modification to a Mora knife sheath (Companion HD) to prevent the knife from falling out was sent to me by one of our students, Dave, and is absolutely brilliant.  Thanks for sharing. “For the bottom tie I pushed an inverted “V” of thin copper electrical wire up the drainage hole until it was visible at […]