Daily Archives: 14/01/2013

Wild Plants Coming Through

At the weekend, without looking too hard, we saw bluebells coming through along with cleavers, dog’s mercury, lords & ladies, early purple orchids, cuckoo flower, ground ivy and a solitary elder starting to leaf.  OK, so it is still mid winter, but spring is getting closer. We’ll keep you updated on events.

Ramson and Chickpea Samosas | foraging | Kent | south east | London

Ramson and Chickpea Samosas 1

Ramsons are one of my favourite wild plants.  When you first catch their garlicky scent you know the spring is well on its way. I like to eat the leaves, but my favourite is the flower just before it has opened, the taste is just awesome! And whilst we know that dogs shouldn’t eat onions, […]