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Fat hen a la creme

Fat Hen a la crème

Nicola made us all Fat Hen a la crème during our 5 Day Bushcraft Course in August.  It was absolutely delicious and definitely one to try, in fact I think it is my new favourite wild food!  The recipe Nicola used was inspired by one from Robin Harford using nettles. Ingredients Couple of big handfuls of Fat Hen […]

Westwell Fete 2014

Westwell is a beautiful rural village tucked away on the Kent Downs, and whilst only a few miles from Ashford it has managed to retain its own identity and has a great community spirit to it.  When Nicola and I were going through the planning approval process last year, the Parish Council was incredibly supportive of […]

Westwell Fete 2014

one handed tarp and hammock

Putting up a tarp and hammock 2

We filmed this video last week at our bushcraft camp. The idea was solely Ho Kyung’s; he’d been looking at hammocks online and in many reviews the hammock wasn’t taut. So he suggested we do our own video and here it is! Thanks to the guys from Bushcraft Club for helping out. Putting up tarps […]