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Newspaper article in the East Kent Mercury

A great newspaper article about a day Talk it Out, a self help group for people with experience of depression and based in Deal, spent with us recently; it was published in the East Kent Mercury.  There is an ever growing body of evidence to support the idea that exposure to the natural world is good […]

Dandelion Flowers in Batter 2

This is a really easy recipe to make a surprisingly tasty dish – dandelion flowers in batter. Ingredients 30 dandelion flowers, preferably picked in the sun Wild marjoram, finely chopped Ground ivy, finely chopped 75g of flour 1 tsp of bicarb Salt Oil for deep frying How to make the dandelion flowers in batter Blend […]

Wild Pizza 1

How to make your wild pizza Ingredients: Topping   Hogweed, roughly chopped   Nettles, blanched and refreshed in cold water,   squeezed dry and chopped   Ground ivy, finely chopped   Ground elder, finely chopped   Ribwort plantain, finely chopped   Wild marjoram, finely chopped   Ramsons, finely chopped   Grated cheese   2tbsp of […]

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Ramson and Hogweed Crostini

Ramson and Hogweed Crostini 1

We’ve called this ramson and hogweed crostini to make it sound a little more upmarket than it really is!  A simple dish, easy to make, tastes great! Only pick the youngest hogweed shoots, ideally before they unfurl and have a silvery sheen to them. Ingredients 500g of hogweed, with stems trimmed A bunch of ramsons, rinsed, patted […]