Monthly Archives: June 2012

Sunshine Child Festival

What a great event the Sunshine Child Festival is.  It was fantastic to see all the kids running around in their wellies enjoying themselves despite the typical inclement weather.  There were some excellent activities for them to take part in, all free.  We did some fire lighting and carving butter knives with them, which they […]

Bushcraft and Tai Chi 1

We’re running a team building day this week with a twist; we’re doing tai chi in the afternoon.  It came about because the group we will be working with wanted to use the woodland after the bushcraft activities to do some yoga.  I told them the woods would be great for this as I do […]

Jack Raven Bushcraft

New blog for Jack Raven Bushcraft

Our blog! So, a new dawn for us at Jack Raven Bushcraft as we enter the world of blogging.  I guess we’ll see how it develops as we go.  We will make sure that we write about bushcraft, our courses and so on, but from time to time there might be a few posts on […]