Daily Archives: 21/03/2016

How to use stars to find north

Probably the simplest way to use the stars to find north is by finding Polaris, also known as the Pole Star or the North Star.  Polaris isn’t a particularly bright star but it has the distinct advantages of being over the north pole and not appearing to move in the night sky, 2 features that we […]

Polaris, The Plough & Cassiopeia

Who cares wins radio interview

Radio Interview on ‘Who Cares Wins’

I recently took part in an internet based radio interview ‘Who Cares Wins’ where Jayne Dunsbee and I talked to Angela Brier-Stephenson about the mindfulness retreats we’re running later this year.  It was great fun to do and I hope that comes over in the interview. You can listen to it here.