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Team Building Awards

The team building awards are ready for our team building event with Heineken on Monday and Tuesday.  Really looking forward to this one! From top left clockwise the team building awards are: The Disc of Dedication (with nettle cordage necklace) The Kukri of Courage The Chimes of Friendship (tied together with nettle cordage) The Spoon […]

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sharpening stones

Sharpening stones

Being able to sharpen your knife is an absolute key skill.  So knowing about the various types of sharpening stones out there is going to be useful.  So here are some of the pros and cons of various sharpening stones. Type Advantages Disadvantages Diamond   Fast cutting.   Long lasting.   Best choice for honing […]

Childrens Party in August

A few photos from our most recent childrens party. A lovely group of 6 year olds came along for this birthday party.  They were all great fun and joined in all the activities with great enthusiasm.  Fire lighting was as popular as ever, as was cooking hotdogs and marshmallows! If you’d like us to host […]

Fire by friction | bow drill | south east | Kent

Fire by friction – the first ember! 1

Kieran really put the time and effort in during his training with us for the Institute for Outdoor Learning Foundational Bushcraft Competency certificate.  And it all paid off as he created an ember, and then a fire by friction.  Not satisfied with that, he went on to repeat it all!  Good work Kieran. If you’re interested […]

Family Bushcraft Experience August 2013

A few photos from our family bushcraft experience held this weekend.  Brilliant time had by all.  Lots more photos on our Facebook page here. Our family bushcraft courses are a great way for your family to spend some quality time together, taking part in some fun and exciting challenges that you will all remember for […]

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