Monthly Archives: October 2012

Daddy Dolittle

This is a photo of Richard who came on a course in September.  His children call him Daddy Dolittle for his affinity to wildlife.  The fox was brought to him as a cub; Richard reared it and returned it to the wild.

Woodland Management

Today, with help from Ross of Kaos Blacksmiths, we made a start on the woodland management.  We’ve begun on the self seeded ash just below the camp area and are planning to take out about 1 in 3 trees.  We had a good day on the chainsaw, but there is a bit of carrying for […]

IOL FBC Assessment

I went to an IOL FBC assessment yesterday to watch in and see what happens.  The assessment was conducted by Dave Watson & Kevan Palmer.  It was a really useful visit on my part and has given me a better understanding of what our students can expect when they are assessed.  Just small things like […]