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Making char cloth   Recently updated !

We use char cloth regularly on our courses when we’re teaching fire lighting.  Char cloth is a tinder made from natural fabric that’s charred in a tin, a bit like making charcoal but on a much slower, and quicker, timescale.  I generally use cotton as it’s easy to get hold of.  And from the various […]

making char cloth | bushcraft | fire lighting | Kent | London | south east

Charring birch polypore for tinder | fungus as tinder | bushcraft | Kent | south east | London

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We use char cloth a lot when we’re looking at different methods of lighting a fire, such as on our 2 Day Bushcraft Course, 5 Day Bushcraft Course and IOL Bushcraft Competency course .  It’s really useful stuff to have with you and comes into its own when using a traditional flint and steel, with a lens or […]