Monthly Archives: July 2012

A tarp erected with my car 2

When we attended the Bushcraft Show last month we took a gazebo.  Whilst it was reasonably waterproof it was entirely un-windproof  and not very bushcrafty, so I’ve been thinking of doing something different for the Wilderness Gathering.  So yesterday, armed with a few bolts and brackets, I went to the camp and cut down some […]

Kent County Show

Despite the rainy weather we had a great time at the Kent County Show with Ross and Sarah from Kaos Blacksmiths.  We were in the ‘woodland’ section of the showground and met some very knowledgable and interesting people.  But firstly, the rain; now as a bushcraft instructor I like to think I’m prepared for the elements, […]


Woodland Management Plan

We had a visit from our good friend Derek Wright yesterday.  Some of you may know him as the proprietor of The Jerky Shack; if you haven’t tried his jerky, then you really should, it tastes great and is ideal bushcraft food (we’re hoping to run some courses on making jerky with Del).  But I […]

Herbs – a few hours collecting 2

Nicola and I have been out collecting some herbs. We were able to find quite a lot of Yarrow, St Johns Wort and also a fair bit of Self Heal, which are both destined to become cremes. And I saw 2 adders as well, so a bit of a bonus. I’ll put up more details […]

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