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Cross cutting 2

There are plenty of reasons why cross cutting a tree or large branch is needed.  What is important to remember is safety, you really don’t want to have an accident with an axe.  Ordinarily I carry the Gransfor Bruks small hunters axe and whilst this is perfectly sufficient to cross cut a tree or limb, […]

Pole lathing

I had a fantastic day today at our woodland camp.  I was getting some pole lathing lessons from Ross as I want to be able to do more with this traditional woodland skill.  The photo below is of Ross making a Victorian style potato masher.  He’s using a gauge that cost £1 at a boot […]

pole lathing | south east | Kent

Shave Horses 2

Ross and I made some shave horses yesterday.  Almost finished, hopefully should get them done tomorrow. We’re making them in preparation for our ‘Blacksmithing, Bodging & Bushcraft’ course that we’ll be running for the first time in September.   Next up will be making the pole lathes.  Really excited about this course, it has the makings […]