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What’s it about?

The use of plants as medicine predates written history and their use to treat disease is almost universal among non-industrialised societies.  Many of the pharmaceuticals currently available to physicians have a long history of use as herbal remedies, including aspirin, digitalis, quinine, and opium.

This course is designed for anyone who’d like to gain an understanding of the wild plants found in woodlands, meadows and hedgerows.  Because of the way the course is structured, we’re confident that it’s suitable for a complete novice up to the more experienced.

We’ll look in detail at identifying commonly found native plants and trees, when and how to harvest them, how to dry and store them and how to make simple remedies from them.

So if you have an interest in plants in general, or herbal remedies in particular, this is the course for you.

What will I do on a herbal remedies course?

Led by Nicola, a qualified herbalist, our Herbal Remedies day takes on 2 main components:

  • Firstly the identification and collection of native plants that have herbal uses and then
  • The preparation of some herbal remedies.

From the meeting point we’ll take you for a gentle walk around our woodland, surrounding hedgerows and meadows and show you the many trees and plants that have herbal uses.  We’ll concentrate on positive identification and uses as well discussing classification, composition and indications.

We’ll collect some of these plants and discuss how to store them and how to make various types of remedy such as:

  • Infused oils,
  • Tinctures,
  • Decoctions,
  • Infusions,
  • Ointments etc.

We’ll prepare and try out a selection of herbal infusions and then make some herbal remedies; this is likely to include a number of creams and ointments.

If you wish to take any of the remedies home with you, there’ll be a small fee to cover our costs.

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Other information

Location: Westwell, Kent

Duration: 1 day

Start: 10am

End: 4pm

Course size: Maximum of 8

Catering: We’ll provide tea & coffee, you’ll need to bring a packed lunch

Note: There’s a short walk from the meeting point to the camp.

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Jack Raven Bushcraft
Average rating:  
 22 reviews
by Catherine Gray on Jack Raven Bushcraft
September 2020

Fantastic day on the Herbal Remedies course. Nicola and Gary's knowledge is incredible and their enthusiasm and kindness is infectious. Happy to take home lots of knowledge and Nicola's herbal creations. I can't wait to do more courses.

by Yvonne Clarke on Jack Raven Bushcraft
Foraging day

We had a lovely day in the woods learning about plants and there uses. I have even remembered some as previously had no knowledge at all. We tried some wonderful infusions and Nicola demonstrated how to make some wonderful ointments. Gary and Nicola are a wealth of knowledge and experience. A thoroughly interesting and fun day. So glad I did this.

by Griselda Mussett on Jack Raven Bushcraft

It was a really fascinating experience to go on this one-day workshop. It had been postponed due to lockdown but as a result we had glorious weather - though some of the spring plants had disappeared. We looked in detail at more than 25 plants which we found in the hedgerows and field boundaries, to discuss their beneficial uses, and then climbed up to the camp for our picnic lunch. The views along the way are gorgeous. Our studies continued in the afternoon and ended with making several ointments right there in the beautiful peaceful woods. Nicola and Gary were so helpful and knowledgeable. I felt I had access to a wealth of learning and tradition and have no hesitation in recommending this for young and old alike (as long as you are fit and can walk the c3 miles including uphill. The composting loo works fine - quite a laugh. It was very good to be on a lovely farm which is being run in such a harmonious and traditional way, like the old days, before agriculture was totally industrialised, so well done to the farmer too! I have come home with some ointments which I saw being made, and so many notes and photographs to refer back to.

by Sarah Hedley Dray on Jack Raven Bushcraft
Herbal Remedies

Thoroughly enjoyed my day in the woods. Very informative and interesting- I learned to identify many hedgerow plants and how to use them in infusions, tinctures and ointments. Nicola prepared a lovely meal and the nettle soup was delicious! Both Gary and Nicola are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. I would highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys walking and spending time in nature.

by Annabel McCaffrey on Jack Raven Bushcraft
Wonderfully Inspiring Day!

What a wonderful day with a group of relaxed, friendly people all interested in learning about the medicinal plants in our hedgerows, meadows and woods. Gary & Nichola shared their knowledge generously as we strolled along their local country lanes and woods, stopping to ID a plant, inviting us to sniff, feel or nibble. Throughout the day they explained each plant’s herbal properties as well as providing snippets of folklore, natural history or their personal experience of how to prepare and use it.
Some of the plants and flowers we foraged in the morning were turned into a delicious lunch, including nettle soup which was a revelation!
After lunch, Nichola showed us how to create the herbal remedies, including teas, ointments and oils which was a treat for all our senses!
I can’t recommend this day highly enough - it was a joy to spend so much time outdoors with such welcoming and knowledgeable people.

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