What a great day!

Willow and I spent about 6 hours out and about today and what a glorious day to be outside, the sun is shining and wildlife abounds.

Our main purpose was to collect some wood for next weekends carving course so I felled a birch with some interesting bends along the trunk, so it should make a few good ladles.  We’ve got a large area of self seeded birch that needs to be thinned by about 50%, so sustainable harvesting.

We then saw Steve the farmer, moving the cows into a field opposite the woodland and had a chat, not long before the cows go in for the winter, but they were enjoying the sun as much as we were.

We popped into the farm to fill up the water jerry cans and saw Helen feeding the chickens and had a chin wag there, loaded up the water and headed back to the woods.

After a cup of tea and a spot of sitting around, we made our way home, looking forward to the next time we’re outdoors.


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Lead Instructor at Jack Raven Bushcraft, teaching bushcraft, wilderness and survival skills to groups and individuals.

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