Knife strokes

Hopefully you’ve already taken a look at this post on knife safety, so now to look at different knife strokes, or cuts.  It’s important to know what knife stroke to use and when so that you can work safely, efficiently and effectively. First up are a couple of power strokes; these are strokes that I […]

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Bushcraft Tools 1

On our last Carving course Miles, one of the participants, asked me if I could send a list of the various carving and bushcraft tools that we’d been using over the weekend.  Instead I thought I’d write a post covering some of the bushcraft tools we use on a regular basis. This first photo below shows […]

UK Knife Law 6

As a responsible bushcrafter, it is important to be aware of current UK knife law and to make sure that you are in compliance with it. The guidance we provide here is given in good faith and to the best of our knowledge is correct, but we are not lawyers, so take the time to […]

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Mora Knife Sheath Modifications

Modifications to a Mora Knife Sheath 1

This simple modification to a Mora knife sheath (Companion HD) to prevent the knife from falling out was sent to me by one of our students, Dave, and is absolutely brilliant.  Thanks for sharing. “For the bottom tie I pushed an inverted “V” of thin copper electrical wire up the drainage hole until it was visible at […]