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Bow drilling 1

I’ve written about fire by friction previously in this post in 2013 and it’s not a bad post by any means.  But I wrote this article last year for The Bushcraft Journal and started from scratch, so there are many similarities between the two but also a few differences that reflect how I’ve been continually […]

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Fire by Friction Part 2 1

This is Part 2 of a 2 part article on fire by friction. Fire by Friction – Part 1 covered making a fire by friction set and what materials to use, if you haven’t had a look already, it’s probably worth a few minutes of your time.  This part covers posture and creating your ember. Fitting […]

Fire by friction on Arran

On our recent trip to the Isle of Arran we were able to try out some different materials for fire by friction.  I’ve written previously about constructing a set and bedding it in, so take a look to find out more about that. Mark, our host, had some Sitka spruce and hawthorn at his camp so we […]

Team effort using a hawthorn fire by friction set

Fire by friction | bow drill | south east | Kent

Fire by friction – the first ember! 1

Kieran really put the time and effort in during his training with us for the Institute for Outdoor Learning Foundational Bushcraft Competency certificate.  And it all paid off as he created an ember, and then a fire by friction.  Not satisfied with that, he went on to repeat it all!  Good work Kieran. If you’re interested […]

Fire by Friction Part 1 3

Lighting a fire by friction is perhaps the most iconic skill within bushcraft, almost a rite of passage and nobody ever forgets their first ember.  Which raises an important point, whilst we all talk about fire by friction, this method doesn’t produce a flame in and of itself – it produces an ember, which when added to […]

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