Making a bed for a debris shelter   Recently updated !

When we teach debris shelters we always make a big deal about the importance of getting off the floor.  It’s incredibly important to get get something between you and the ground as the ground will literally suck the heat  right out of you.  So here’s a video of Peter making a bed for a debris […]

making a bed for a debris shelter | bushcraft | Kent | London | south east

What makes good firewood?

I’ve written previously about how to light a fire but haven’t really mentioned much about what makes good firewood, or indeed what isn’t so good.  Hopefully this post will put that straight., As a heads up, I’m focusing on being in the woods and sourcing firewood rather than ordering it up for your wood burner at […]

what makes godd fire wood | fire lays | bushcraft | Kent | south east | London

Camp Maintenance

Now that our season of scheduled courses has come to end, we’re starting to think about some of the camp maintenance jobs we’d like to get done.  In no particular order: The yurt We want to change the roof on the yurt.  It’s lasted 2 years and works ok, but it has started to sag […]