Quince jam

Quince is a non-native tree in the rose family.  It’s related to apples and pears, in fact the fruits look a bit like an oversized pear.  It’s often grown for it’s attractive pink blossom but the fruits are not to be overlooked.

quince jam

Here’s a simple recipe for quince jam, a wonderful accompaniment to cheeses and cold meats.


  • 1 kg of quinces, weighed after coring and peeling
  • 1 large lemon
  • 1kg of sugar
  • 1.2l of water

How to make quince jam

  • Peel and core the quinces until you have 1kg of fruit
  • Cut into small chunks and place into a pan with the water and lemon juice and cook until the fruit is tender and soft
  • Add the sugar and bring to the boil slowly, stirring until all the sugar is dissolved
  • Simmer until setting point is reached

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