How to make self heal cream

Nicola had some spare self heal infused olive oil and so we thought we’d put together a quick video showing you how to make self heal cream.

Self heal (Prunella vulgaris) is a small, low, creeping herb, a member of the dead nettles, and has the familiar square stem and a delicate purple flower.  It seems to favour some sun and grows abundantly along the woodland rides as well as in the fields surrounding our woodland camp.  Self heal cream has traditionally been used on cuts and sores as well as aches and pains.

Nicholas Culpepper, in The Complete Herbal, published in 1649, list its uses as “Where sores, ulcers, inflammations or swellings need to be repressed, it will be effectual.  It stays the flux of blood from wounds and solders up their lips.  It cleanses the foulness of sores and speedily heals them.  It is a remedy for fresh wounds.”

Making a cream is realtively simple, you need equal amounts of infused oil and an infusion and then 10g of bee’s wax for every 100ml of liquid.

So watch this short video to see how to make self heal cream for yourself.

You can see photos from our herbal remedies courses, where we often demonstrate how to make self heal cream, along with ointments and herbal infusions, on our Facebookpage as well as photos of people on all of our other courses here.

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