Foraging Courses

Wild food foraging courses in Kent

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  • 1 Day Spring Foraging Course
    We understand that not everyone is able to take part in a weekend long experience so we’ve put together a 1 day spring foraging course to cover those needs.  Click here to find out more and book onto our fantastic 1 day foraging experience…[Further Details]
  • Weekend Autumn Fruits & Fungus Course
    This 2 day autumn fruits & fungus foraging course brings together some of our own passions, namely the British countryside, fresh, sustainable ingredients, cooking and great food!  If you share any of those passions, or simply want to know…[Further Details]

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  • 1 Day Herbal Remedies Course
    The use of plants as medicine predates written history and their use to treat disease is almost universal among non-industrialised societies.  In Europe and the US, the use of herbal remedies has become more widespread as the scientific evidence about …  [Further Details]

Where do your foraging courses take place?

Jack Raven Bushcraft courses take place in Westwell, Kent, between Canterbury and Ashford and just 50 miles from the centre of London, in quite stunning ancient woodland in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We have access to around 60 or so acres of broadleaf woodland.  Our camp is in a private woodland, which itself is in the middle of private land.

What previous experience do I need?

All of our foraging courses are designed so that you don’t need any previous experience, and are entirely hands on so that you leave us with simple, practical and repeatable skills. We’ll look at the same plants several times to re-enforce positive identification.  We are certain that you will have a lot of fun along the way!

What facilities are available on your foraging courses?

So that you can effectively learn the skills that we teach, we have created a learning environment in the woods.  Our foraging courses are based at an expedition style camp with a yurt and wood burning stove, a parachute, a kitchen area, work benches and a composting toilet. We have areas where you can pitch a hammock, tarp or small tent, cleared of standing and hanging dead wood, or you can camp on the adjacent working farm campsite.

Call us to enquire about our courses – 07553 763397