1:1 Foraging & Woodland Cooking Day

1:1 forage | woodland cooking | outdoor cooking | Kent | south east | LondonWhat’s it about?

Hosted by Nicola, our 1:1 foraging and outdoor cooking day is for anyone who would like to get a better working knowledge of edible plants and outdoor cooking skills.  And because it’s 1:1, you’ll get all the attention you could ask for.

What will I do?

If you’ve been on one of our courses, you’ll know that Nicola consistently cooks up fantastic meals at our ancient woodland camp in Kent.  So on your 1:1 day you’ll learn many of her outdoor culinary secrets!  The day will be a mixture of foraging and outdoor cooking techniques; call to have a chat about what you want to achieve from the day.

  • Foragers code,
  • Identify some of the many delicious edible plants that can be found in the British countryside,
  • Know plants that you must avoid,
  • Learn how to gather materials and light a fire to cook over in the woods,
  • Understand when to use different types of fire for various cooking techniques such as pit ovens and embers,
  • Use different cooking equipment including dutch ovens, skillets, and grills.

We’ll supply all the equipment but there will be an additional charge for any ingredients we need to buy.  Although the day isn’t intended as a game preparation day, we can source venison, pigeon, pheasant and rabbit to include in the food prepared, but we’ll need to pass on the cost to you.

Make sure you bring a few tupperware boxes to take home what you’ve cooked.

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Other information

Location: Westwell, Kent

Duration: 1 day

Start: 10am

End: 4pm


Whilst you’ll get to eat what you forage, bring a packed lunch, as it’s likely to be late in the day before the food is cooked. We’ll provide tea and coffee

Note: We’ll leave your car at the meeting point and then drive in our car to the woods.

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Jack Raven Bushcraft
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by Paul on Jack Raven Bushcraft
If You Go Down to the Woods Today..........

..........You're in for a big (and very pleasant) surprise !

We did the 1:1 Foraging Course last weekend, it was actually 2:2 as I paid extra to bring my partner along and we had both Nicola and Gary for the day, oh and Willow !!

The day is wonderfully informal which makes it feel like a day out foraging with friends rather than a course as such. The foraging itself was done wandering between the farm where we met and the woodland camp. Gary took the lead during the forage and was extremely knowledgable about the plants, when best to pick etc. After around two hours of foraging we made it to the woodland camp where we had lunch which we'd bought with us, ahead of prepping the food we'd foraged.

I had asked Gary ahead of the course if he could source a rabbit or similar for some butchery skills. He obliged a and got a rabbit which he coached me through the prep and butchery of, very interesting additional aspect of the day. Nicola then took the lead and took us through the prep of the plants we had foraged in the morning. The results of which were the Five Weed Pizza, which was very good and spring rolls where the saddle of rabbit was added to the foraged plants, absolutely delicious !

It did seem that at this time of year (mid June) we were scratching around a little bit for plants to forage and if I was going to this again I'd certainly go earlier or later in the year. Having said that, we did have an absolutely glorious day for our forage which may be more difficult to get at different times of year.

I would certainly recommend this day course for anybody who wants a taster of foraging and living in the wild.